Lieutenant Napier

Cybernetic implants include his left arm, left foot and much of the right side of his face. Visible stubble and unceremonious armour. Addiction to cigars and no time for "Skragshit".


In a den of inequity, Lieutenant John Napier is the shining beacon for justice. Where other arbitrators look the other way to crimes through corruption or threats, Napier soldiers on. He does not always leave these exchanges in one piece, however, as this wound-covered warrior is almost as much machine as he is man.

At present, Lieutenant Napier is cracking down on the illegal gun trade that has begun to spread throughout his precinct in the Gamma Sector and is particularly focused on taking down the mob boss, Mundus, whose grasp over the hive’s criminal trade continues to sweep the hive.

Recently tracing fellow agents to Mundus’ lair and uncovering his true crimes, he enlisted the aid of offworld mercenary, Frag, who corrupt elements of the Arbitas now hunt, in a bid to infiltrate Mundus’ underworld and save Frag’s accomplices. Now escaped from the sewers, he will be hunted no less fiercely than he has been before, in retribution for his personal war against Mundus.

Lieutenant Napier

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