Inquisitor Thaddeus

Wisened features and pompous, unsympathetic attitude.


Inquisitor Lord Thaddeus Lysimach is a senior member of the Holy Inquisition of Man, charged with overseeing Imperial Expansion beyond the Segmentum Obscurus of the Galactic North. Superstitious and untrusting even among the Ordos, he rarely deals with matters personally, using a system of proxies, spies and hit-squads to root out and destroy any and all threats to the Emperor’s rule.

Most recent among his servants has been a retinue of Damnatus Acolyti, whom Thaddeus uses as a suicide squad, sending them to areas of varying danger with no regard for their well-being, their services being his until the time of their demise.

Thaddeus’ base of operations is the Great Crucible. A massive cloaked chapel-fortress built around an unassuming chunk of space debris. The chapel itself is home to all manner of horrors, as Thaddeus uses this space to prepare his disciples for war.
Sporting a sizeable force of Storm Troopers and his own personal guard of Bloodied Mothers, the fortress provides strict training regimens to keep Thaddeus’ forces fighting fit at all times. None so horrifying, however, as the training forced upon Thaddeus’ psykers. Those with the gift of astropathy are processed into the ranks of his Voces Animus. Those less fortunate are relentlessly pitted against the full power of the warp, their minds eroded to the point of breaking by the constant onslaught of daemonic presences and the torturous flagellatings from the Bloodied Mothers, all as a means of enhancing their psychic powers to the peak of their potentials.
This moving fortress, despite its daunting defences, enters into battle only under the most pressing of circumstances, and acts much more as a hub for Thaddeus’ web of spies than as a battleship.

Inquisitor Thaddeus

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